Queen Kawaii. Too fabulous for nothing. Super cute. Lets hang out and make out. I promise I am not twelve.

yall cant really see all the dots on the wave and shit but hey

roy lichtenstein x hokusai

March 25 / 2:16 / 2ღ


"Be vogue" by djbaebaebjroast

my “are you fuckin with me” face

March 19 / 1:05 / 3ღ / sampah-seni

looking through some videos i got on here and let me tell you there are some tru gems

March 17 / 13:48 / 1ღ


found this 

you guys are too cute

me n my niggas also i have no clue when this happened to taking this but we will hang out i promise im just a big dumby

March 17 / 0:13 / 3ღ / zeronetwo

im really content with a life full of cuddles and sleepyhead boyfriends and naps and making art

March 12 / 21:44 / 1ღ

bay caught me gif-ing.

March 7 / 19:51 / 5ღ

dude my boyfriend is so cool after i got home from surgery he surprised me with cheesy bread sticks and a sundae and he told me since im pain he is going to roll me a bunch of blunts and give them to me and since i was high off meds is started crying in his arms about the weed and sundae.

March 3 / 21:42 / 1ღ

wearing the boy’s sweatshirt + hydro before bed = pain-free and loved feeling sleep

February 26 / 0:04

i did wing liner?

February 15 / 21:05

my fav alien cat gibby

February 15 / 15:50 / 2ღ