Queen Kawaii.

ive always wanted to send a sweatshirt with my perfume sprayed on it to someone who doesnt live by me, and then the other person do the same thing. that way we can wear eachother’s sweatshirt and smell the other person.

the smelling part sounds creepy but its cute in my mind i swear.

December 22 / 0:09 / 1ღ

do you guys ever look back on a situation, and just wonder what would happen if you changed something? i know everyone does it, but i seriously think about it all the time, especially with relationships.

there was this one guy, where i kind of got excited about the thought of a relationship and really tried rushing it. me and him had a lot in common, and i always wonder what would have happened if i slowed down, or was more talkative. maybe i needed to be more romantic. i always want to try to talk to him, see if i can retry, but i dont think that will happen. 

i dunno. i feel like i always butcher shit up, and wonder what would happen if i went about it a different way.

December 17 / 22:24

i have this massive candy stash arms length away from my bed because right before i go to bed i eat my sorrows away.

sorrows taste good.

November 29 / 23:52

hey i didnt play any video games today

mama would be proud.

November 29 / 23:48

lets talk about hickeys cause for real. they arent something to hide. they are cute.

November 29 / 0:21 / 1ღ

lets hang out and make out.

November 26 / 0:36 / 3ღ

people think im joking when i say i will meet my love on the internet.

im serious.

i will.

November 26 / 0:35 / 2ღ

i always wonder why people think pictures of people naked or just naked bodies are soo weird and automatically think that if you take them or are that you are some perv.

its like common man, its the human body, it isnt anything special, so why not embrace what we got and just go with it.

i dont get it.

November 26 / 0:28 / 1ღ

this pocket thing might end up like my no sleeves phase.

during the summer i thought no sleeves on shirts were the shit so i cut off all the sleeves on all me t-shirts.

i only have 3 t-shirts with sleeves.

now i have 2 regular t-shirts, 1 with a pocket, and over 10 no sleeve shirts.

November 26 / 0:04

i just want people to send me articles of clothing wit the spray they use and then ill wear it and ill sew something on it as a mark of “teenagebutts wore this” and ill send it back to you.

November 25 / 23:22